Sunday, February 23, 2014

Livia Pure Skin Care

Hi everyone!

     I hope all is well, and you had a wonderful weekend. Last month I was sent some amazing organic skin care products by a company called Livia Pure Skin Care. Livia uses organic, raw, and the purest ingredients in their products. I contacted the company to see if I could try some samples of their products, when I was sent a request on LinkedIn by the CEO of Livia Pure Skin Care. They responded very quickly to my request, and a few days later I received a nice package at my door. The 5 products that were sent to me were all based on my combination and problematic skin type. I couldn't believe the sizes of the travel size products. I was very impressed! Thank you Livia!

The products that I received were:

1.) Fresh Peppermint Cleanser: "hydrating & renewing for most skin types"
"Wake up your freshest complexion by stimulating blood flow and renewing skin layers. Nourishing oils then soften, hydrate and melt away excess facial oil, without stripping." Retails at $31.00

Review: This cleanser smells amazing. I would only use this every few days at night to get a deep exfoliation. It did remove my makeup, but had to cleanse 2-3 times using this product. It makes your skin feel refreshed and clean after using. The beads in the product were not too large. You don't need a lot of pressure when using circular motions to work this into the skin. Your skin will have a beautiful glow after using!

2.) Pumpkin Pro-Enzyme Masque: "10% glycolic & enzymatic resurfacing for most skin types"
"Get that ‘Spa Facial Tingle’ at home with this 10% glycolic resurfacing masque. Pumpkin enzymes & circulation enhancing spices nourish deep layers and fight environmental free radicals with rich antioxidants & vitamins vital to complexion health." Retails at $72.00

Review: This masque smells just like pumpkin, and really does have a nice tingling feeling when put on the skin. After cleansing my face in the shower, I would apply this immediately after.  I would leave it on for the duration of my shower (around 5 minutes). My skin would be just ever so slightly pink afterwards, as it is a 10% glycolic peel. I found this very hydrating, and helped even out my skin tone. My skin felt very smooth afterwards as well. I could tell it made a difference with my acne, as acne needs circulation to remove it. I loved the fact that it not only helped my acne, but also hydrated my face at the same time.
3.) Green Tea Complex Toner: "for oily, combination & blemished skin 

 "Enliven your complexion with free radical fighting phytonutrients and antibacterial essentials and acids. Encourage shrinking pores and a natural pH." Retails: $30.00
Review: This is a wonderful toner. I like to apply this toner before bed. I feel as though his helps prevent the spread of bacteria on my face to my pillows. This toner is very refreshing, and helps put the moisture back into the skin after cleansing, as well as kill bacteria from acne.
4.) Apriocot Enzyme Moisture:"enzymatic nutrient support for most skin types —16 SPF" 

 "Apricots, rich in Vitamin A are essential for skin resiliency. Folic Acid, involved in the duplication of cells. supports the turnover of your complexion. Enzymes assist in dead skin removal, uncovering beautiful skin. Give your skin the antioxidants it craves with this delicious moisture, leaving a luscious, dewy finish."
Review: This moisturizer is amazing. I LOVE the smell, and it really makes my skin feel hydrated all day long. My skin has been feeling very smooth, and also has such a great glow to the skin after using this product. This is a great moisturizer to use under a liquid foundation! It seems to help my foundation glide across my skin, and look flawless.
5.) Super C Serum: "refining prevention & age reversal for most skin types"

 "Phenomenal antioxidant protection, 96% reduction of sunburn cells, and prevention of the formation of free radicals in sun exposed skin. Fades sun spots and discoloration, refines skin texture and reduces wrinkle formation as well as minimizing existing wrinkles. Pure vegan hyaluronic acid delivery system to plump skin cells, protect and restore. Concentrated for the highest form of active, bio-available Vitamin C, causing beautiful skin!" Retails for $40.00
Review: This product is AMAZING! I have been having so much redness in my face from my recent hormonal acne I couldn't take it anymore. I use this product twice a day, both times under my moisturizer. It has helped with even out my skin tone, as well as helped with inflammation from breakouts. It feels so great on the skin, and leaves your skin feeling like silk. I recommend using only two little drops of this serum. It is very concentrated, and this way it will last you a long time!
Over-all review:
    I am extremely happy with Livia Pure Skin Care. My skin has been loving these products for the last month, and my breakouts have really clamed down. My face feels more hydrated, and my makeup has been looking better due to my skin feeling and also looking better. Their customer service is wonderful, and be more happy with my experience with them. With this product line, less it more. It is made from the purest ingredients, and is very concentrated. The price is competitive with other organic skincare lines as well. I will be using these products for many years to come. Thank you Stephanie for finding me on LinkedIn! ;)  Please check out Livia Pure Skin Care today!