Friday, August 31, 2012

Kitty Kitty!

Hi everyone! A few days ago I made a trip into Ulta Beauty, just to grab some conditioner. Of course I ended up getting a few other things as well. For the past year, I have wanted to try the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers. They looked really hard to put on, and didn't want to waste $10.00, on them if they weren't going to work. 
I have to say it wasn't that hard at all. My only trick would be is to use a sharper edge (cuticle cutter), to help cut the edges off the sticker that is not attached to your nail or skin. It took me around 25 minutes to complete this step. The great thing about these stickers is there is no waiting for them to dry, no spilling of nail polish, and no top coat! I have to say they are fun, but the downfall is that they are around $10.00 for a pack of 16. They come in several fun designs, and are great if your going to a special event. LOVE THEM!
Click the picture below to purchase Sally Hansen Salon Effects.
Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Kitty Kitty


Hot Curls!
Hi everyone!! It has been quite awhile since I posted a new entry. I have been very busy working at my new job as an Esthetician! Let me tell you I am having so much fun, and meeting several new people within this industry. :)

This seems to be the summer of the "weddings." Not only am I doing lots of bridal makeup, I am also attending several weddings as well. In the past few weeks, I had attended a wedding back home. My aunt (who has owned her own salon for 25 years), curled my already curly hair with one of the best tools on the market. Let me tell you the "wand" curling iron is one of the best tools I have ever used on my hair!
After my hair was curled with the Hot Tools Nano Taper Iron, I had to run out and purchase one right away! I use this tool just to make my curls look tighter and fuller. I went with the Hot Tools Nano Taper Iron because this is the one my aunt had at her salon. I couldn't believe how hot the Hot Tools brand became. I need a lot of heat on my hair to get the curl to stay.
When using this curling iron, all I do is scrunch my hair like I would any other day. Later on after it is dry, I take the curling iron to the top pieces of my hair, and curl them. It makes my curls look "sassy," tighter, and fuller. This tool is truly amazing!
The "wand" curling iron can be very scary for some. All you need to do is take your time learning the technique used to curl your hair with this tool. It also comes with a protective glove to wear, so you don't burn your fingers. Be very careful when you first start using one. I picked up the technique in just a few hours. My hair is very short and thick. If it curls my hair, it will curl anyones. My curls lasted for hours as well!
Below is a picture of the Hot Tools Nano Tapered Iron and where you can purchase. The week of 8/31/2012, it is on sale at Ulta Beauty. The Nano Tapered Iron comes in 3 different sizes. I have the 1 inch barrel as well. All you have to do is wrap your hair around the barrel, wait 10-15 seconds, and slowly unwind the hair. Then, you will have some amazing curls!
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