Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sigma Beauty! Best brushes in the world!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week! I have been super busy lately with work and school, but in my free time I have been coming up with lots of ideas to review, and to talk about on my blog.

Before I purchase anything, I always research the product, and read lots of reviews. When I started to get really into the makeup scene, I wanted to make sure I had some great brushes to apply all of my cosmetics. I stumbled upon, Sigma Beauty!

Before I started my journey with Sigma, I was thinking of purchasing all MAC brushes. After seeing how much they would cost me (over $500.00), I wanted to find another brand of brushes with the same quality, that I could afford. I was so happy that I found Sigma Beauty. 

Sigma beauty believes in great quality cosmetics, at a very affordable price! Sigma is most commonly known for their amazing brushes, but they also have some great eyeshadow palettes, and skincare tools. I have been able to test out most of their products, and I will just say it again.....they are amazing! Their brushes are high quality, that do not shed bristles, and are a great price. If  you can go to the drugstore, and spend $8-$14 dollars on a cosmetic brush, then why not spend around the same amount of money, to get a better quality and long lasting brush!

  There are so many brushes to choose from! If you're stuck, you can always buy Sigma brush sets. Most of the sets include 12 brushes for under $100.00. In the sets you get a brush for each part of the face. From powder, to eyes, and to lips. For my vegan friendly bloggers, they even have an all vegan friendly brushes!

Sigma has so many brushes to choose from, but I wanted to share my top favorite 3 brushes! This could help you start your kit, or help grow your makeup collection as well!

1.) F80: Flat Synthetic Brush. $16.00 This is my all time favorite brush! You can apply your foundation with this dense brush, which will give you an airbrush finish to your face.

Tip: Place a few drops of foundation onto your hand. Dap the brush onto the foundation, and buff the product into the skin using small circles. This will give that beautiful airbrush finish!

2.) F30: Large powder brush. $20.00 This brush can be used to apply your powder, bronzer, and even dusting on some blush! This brush is very versatile, and you can dust your powder on in seconds because of it's size!

3.) E40: Blending Brush. $9.00 The E25 brush is one you should always have in your makeup bag! The biggest mistake I see many people make when applying their eyeshadow is not blending those harsh lines. Using the blending brush you can add color to the crease of your eyelid to give your eyes some depth.

 Then, cleaning off the brush, blend from the corner of the crease inward, in then"windshield wiper motion." Tips for cleaning your brushes!! You should always clean you brushes! My trick to cleaning them, is at the end of each week (usually Sunday), I take baby shampoo (it is very gentle), and shampoo my brushes. I use warm water to rinse the makeup out of them, then sit them on a towel to air dry over night. I always clean them once a week! This is very important because it will decrease contamination, and reduce breakouts on your face. Bacteria can spread very easily!
Everyday before input my brushes away, I always spritz them with a little brush cleaner. My favorite is Sephora's brush cleaner at $6.00-$14.00 a bottle!

I have to admit that in my eyes Sigma wins over any other brand of brushs. The price is great, but the quality is even better. I have never had one their brushes shed or break on me. I own several MAC brushes as well, and I can tell the difference in the quality. If you would like to check out Sigma Beauty click the link below! Also, make sure to check back to my blog for monthly coupon codes of 10% off! If you spend $30.00 or more, you get a free gift with purchase!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kenra Hair Products!

Over the last several years, I have been trying several different haircare brands. I have tried everything from drugstore, professional, and even organic brands, but nothing in my eyes beats....KENRA Hair Products. Check them out!

5 years ago, I was able to try Kenra hair products at my Aunt Marybeth's Salon. It was love at first spray. Hairspray that is! Kenra has several different holds of hairspray. From a light mist, to the best hold you could ever have! Let's just say Kenra 25 hairspray...your hair isn't going anywhere.

Another great product by Kenra, is their amazing Blow Dry Spray. Before I turn the blow-dryer on, I mist this great smelling spray into my wet hair. This product helps protect your hair from the heat of the blow-dryer and styling tool, but also helps cut blow-dry time in almost half the time. Believe me, I have short hair, but it still takes me 25 minutes to blow-dry my hair. This product has cut back the time on blow-drying, but also has helped cut out the frizz. I highly recommend this product!

After I blow-dry my hair, I always like to add some shine back into my hair. Kenra's Platinum Silkening Gloss, not only helps with the frizz, but smells incredible. I pump about 3 drops (a little goes a long way) into my hands, rub them together, and lightly run my fingers though my hair. It makes your hair shiny, without looking greasy, and smell wonderful!

Lastly, my go to shampoo and conditioner! Kenra's Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner decreases the frizz in my hair, and leaves it feeling silky and smooth. The conditioner is great to help decrease frizz, and add shineback into my hair. I always end up going back to this duo! This is highly recommended for course, dry, and curly hair types.