Monday, January 28, 2013

New technique: Foundation Application

Hi everyone! Over this past weekend I was able to finally test out my new BFF...the Beauty Blender "dupe!"

The Beauty Blender is a tear drop shaped sponge that is used to apply foundation. The first step to using the sponge is to run it under the sink for just 2-3 seconds. Then, squeeze out the excess water.

Next, using your favorite liquid foundation, apply dots of the product using clean fingers. Apply the foundation where you need the most coverage.

Then, using the sponge, use the larger end to push the foundation into the skin. Using a stippling or dabbing motion, work the sponge around the face until blended.

Concealer! Apply your concealer under your eyes in the same steps as you did your foundation, but using the smaller end to get the inner corners of the eye.

Review: I found a dupe or copy cat of the Beauty Blender from Ulta Beauty. The ones from Ulta range from $5-$8. The Beauty Blender version is $20 for one sponge! I couldn't justify spending $20 on a sponge, so I purchased the dupe. I've heard that they work just as well. It took a little practice to figure out the proper motion, but let me tell you my skin looked airbrushed! I was amazed. I even think the makeup lasted longer than using a brush.

To clean the sponge, use baby shampoo under warm water, rinse until the bubbles are gone. Let air dry over night.

I applied my Neon Eyes and Valentine Kisses foundation using the sponge. It made my skin look flawless!

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